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Relevant Experience

Selected Shorts

Bertie the Brilliant | PRODUCER |  Dir: Gabriela Garcia Medina 

La Campana | PRODUCER | Dir: Michael Flores

Abrazo | PRODUCER | Dir: Paola Baldion-Fischer

The Cradle | PRODUCER | Dir: Aaron Garcia

T.D.O.R  | PRODUCER | Dir: Kase Peña

The 90-Day Plan | PRODUCER |  Dir: Gabriela Garcia Medina 

Stand Out | PRODUCER & WRITER | Dir: Vicki Syal

Chalino | PRODUCER | Dir: Michael Flores

Wonder | PRODUCER & WRITER | Dir: Vicki Syal


Give Me An A |  SEGMENT PRODUCER |  Dir: Ensemble

Stakes is High | PRODUCER | Dir: Jean Pierre Caner

Lovedoll | PRODUCER | Dir: Michael Flores

Trans Los Angeles | SEGMENT PRODUCER | Dir: Kase Peña


Conspiracy Central | PRODUCER | Jellysmack

Killer Bites | PRODUCER | Jellysmack

Ghostober ft. Jo Steel | PRODUCER | Discovery+

Science of Dreams | PRODUCER | Healthline 

George Goes Everywhere | PRODUCER | Million Stories

Faceplant | POST PRODUCER | Million Stories

Wags to Riches | POST PRODUCER | Million Stories


Suzume Mural Timelapse  | PRODUCER |  Crunchyroll

The Ocean Will Be Mine | PRODUCER | Dir: Whitney Avalon

Ladies Womb | PRODUCER & WRITER | Dir: Vicki Syal

WTF 2020s | PRODUCER | Dir: Whitney Avalon

The Day Job...

Vicki Syal serves as the Head of Production at Pollution Studios, overseeing all productions and managing the post-production department. Her responsibilities include script development, production scheduling, budgeting, managing shoots, and ensuring the timely delivery of media deliverables, all contributing to the seamless execution of projects.

Pollution Studios is an indie film studio and boutique production company that has been operating since 2008. They have a strong specialization in creating captivating digital content for diverse platforms and audiences. Their expertise lies in leveraging data-driven insights and utilizing in-house resources to produce high-quality content at scale.

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